Guide for Europe

in Konopiště

What should be done in Prague , so it is lost in the maze of streets and stay at any level you like the pub to give the feet a rest from walking on the pavement and enjoy a delicious cup of foam .
This was not only thousands of tourists come to Prague for the year. And also to feel the extraordinary atmosphere of the Middle Ages , enjoy the taste of roasted pork shank , breathe clean air . Continue reading

In Germany, the choice of hotels, inns , guest houses and other offers temporary housing for traveling huge. German Hospitality has tens of thousands of offers. Tourists not just immediately understand all this diversity. In this article , I will examine the major types of German hotels that will help to understand what level of service they can expect . Continue reading

Madrid – Spain’s beautiful capital . The city is very versatile , along with the architecture of the Middle Ages in the streets of Madrid can meet the most modern buildings in the Art Nouveau style.
Annually, the capital of Spain is visited by over 7 million tourists , and not by accident .
The city is located in the center of the country and is the political center of Spain. The population of Madrid – 3,273,049 people. Continue reading

For foreigners coming to Germany does not work, it is possible to draw only private medical insurance . State insurance for those who do not have income in Germany , is unavailable . Typically , conventional insurance companies that provide health insurance services to the Germans , are not engaged in insurance for tourists or temporarily residing in Germany. Continue reading

Barcelona – the capital of Catalonia , a region with its own culture , language, character and history . Many believe barselontsy Catalonia separate country .
Barcelona is not for everyone , some people call it too noisy , some – too big or too diverse .
But if , having been in Barcelona , you’ll love it – it will give an incredible storm of emotions and experiences.
Not worth visiting Barcelona travel : it takes time to feel the atmosphere of the city, to see the architecture , understand the culture . In Barcelona you can spend a week , every day of discovering something new. Continue reading

Recently, an old university friend pleased that he was going with my family to visit me at Christmas and New Year . Since there is not much time , had to quickly arrange them an invitation . This process is not complicated. If you know what kind of paper and want to do with them , you can handle a couple of days . Continue reading

Vienna – a city full of elegance and charm. Austria’s capital city attracts travelers with an amazing atmosphere that is particularly well pronounced in cafes with Viennese coffee at the opera , where you can hear the music of Mozart and Strauss in the imperial palaces and beautiful parks.
A trip to Vienna in the summer – this is a wonderful opportunity to visit museums , which in the Austrian capital of more than 100 , and all sorts of attractions. Come here to listen to classical music in the famous Vienna State Opera and Viennese strudel try . Continue reading